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Gone are the days of major expenses paid for conferences, product launches which can only accommodate a certain amount of guests, restricted to regions, etc.

Intro live virtual conferences, launches where costs are cut however reach and engagement is increased which makes for faster and higher returns on investment.

Our company is setup to do traditional virtual conferences and launches however, we like to take the virtual experience to the next level by creating a virtual production of each event that will leave audiences talking and sharing details about your event for days to come.

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Social Media Live Broadcasting

Social media live broadcasting is currently at the forefront of customer engagement showing returns of between 300% -1000% more reach and engagement on content published, on retention clients are seeing 1000%+ improvement, the reason for this is social media algorithms place priority on current live content pushing notifications to more followers then normal posts, this is in the form of popups messages. Live broadcast content boosts not only engagement on the platform being used, it assists with SEO ranking to if setup right.

Very few companies have picked up on this engagement gold mine however, once it starts live content will be the only way to go.

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