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The heart and vision of a company starts with a person. This person essentially shapes and grows the company. It is the heart that drives the vision forward, attracts certain people, creates strategies, and finds a way when there seems to be no way.

Every company has a story. That story is essential, but seldomly told. It is the blood, sweat and tears poured in to every company that eventually births a brand.

As the company grows, a culture forms around it. This culture is nurtured and cultivated by the people that work for the company. All companies are unique in this way.

In a world filled with competition, we strive to tell the story of the heart behind your company. We understand and embrace the unique hearts that make up a great business and it’s cultural story.

Company Value

Our Philosophy

We aim to:
1. Achieve sustainable customer satisfaction through the creation and supply of the highest quality visual content
2. Continue to be a relational company that values our clients as people
3. Develop a robust organizational structure and high earning capacity maintaining strong growth
4. Compete globally and contribute to the world
5. Nurture human resources while maintaining a vibrant corporate culture where employees take pride in working and find meaning in their lives.

Meet Our Team

Awesome People working with you

Content Creators was founded on the idea that every modern business needs an expert to lead its digital marketing efforts. 

That’s why we create customized, performance-driven solutions around your unique business, helping you to launch, scale, and invigorate your brand.

Bringing you the resources of a full-service agency with the attention of an in-house team, we’re shifting the marketing paradigm by putting client success ahead of our own.

Photography | Videography | Graphic Design | Marketing | Social Media | Websites

Vasti de Jager - Content Creators

Vasti de Jager

Content Creator and Brand Ambassador

Professional Team

Why We Are Different

We work with the best people who have the specialised skills required to make high-quality content. Whether you’re hiring us to help with photography, videography, live streams, graphic design, or events, you can rest assured you’ll get good quality visual material.

Abilities and Skills

Photography & Videography Content Creation
Web design and Web management
Digital & Graphic Design
Training & Consulting


Establishing a more personal visual communication standard for global companies and brands that showcases their unique attributes, making our clients more relatable to consumers worldwide. 


Growing our company through exceptional, personal client service and building relationships with the people behind the corporate brand to effectively communicate their brand with visual content. 


Exceptional tailor-made content.


Finding the heart behind the company story by showing our company H.E.A.R.T.
H – Humility
E – Excellence
A – Ardency
R – Relatability
T – Trustworthiness

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